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Colchester Global Investors is a privately owned investment management firm offering value oriented, global bond management services. Chairman and CIO Ian Sims founded the asset management business in 1999. Colchester’s headquarters are located in London. The firm also has offices in New York, Singapore, Dublin, Sydney, Dubai, Madrid and Munich.

Colchester has funds under management of approximately US$25bn across four core strategies being global sovereign bonds, global inflation-linked bonds, local currency emerging market debt and an alpha program. The firm manages assets for global institutions including Corporate and Public Pension Funds, Foundations, Endowments, Insurance and Sovereign Wealth clients across the world.

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We believe that a portfolio of higher real yielding bonds and undervalued currencies, according to their real exchange rate, will outperform its benchmark over a medium to long term investment horizon.

At the heart of Colchester’s value-oriented philosophy is the belief that investments should be valued in terms of the income they will generate in real terms. Our approach is based on the analysis of inflation, real interest rates and real exchange rates. Real yield analysis, supported by an assessment of a country’s financial stability (encapsulated in macro and financial balances such as the current account, fiscal and monetary balances, etc.) provides the framework in which bond markets are valued. Similarly, real exchange rate analysis together with short-term real interest rate differentials and an assessment of external financial balances provides the framework in which currencies are valued. Portfolios are constructed to benefit from those opportunities with the greatest relative investment potential for a given level of risk.

Colchester’s portfolios principally comprise sovereign bonds as specialisation and focus are key features of our philosophy. The firm eschews corporate credit, believing instead that its broader sovereign opportunity set provides sufficient diversity and return potential to deliver excess returns over the course of a full business cycle.

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If you have any questions relating to our UCITS funds, performance or holdings or you are representing a new investor wishing to make an initial subscription into our UCITS funds, please contact your usual contact at Colchester Global Investors Limited or email:
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For all administrative matters relating to our UCITS funds, please contact Northern Trust at [email protected] or via fax at +353 1 542 2902 or via phone on +353 1 434 5110. Northern Trust are responsible for all shareholder transactions (subscriptions, redemptions, switches and transfers), registration amendments and changes to authorised parties, delivery of statements, audit requests and responding to NAV and performance reporting queries.