RankiaPro Europe selects Analia Giachino as Sales Manager of the month

Colchester Global Investors would like to thank RankiaPro for their interview with Analia Giachino, Head of Distribution for Israel, Iberia & Latam. In the interview, Analia shares her personal experience in the financial industry and discusses how investors can position themselves in the volatile environment we are facing in global markets.

CFA Chile

Colchester Global Investors signs sponsorship agreement with the CFA Society Chile

Colchester Global Investors is delighted to become an official sponsor of the CFA Society in Chile, further deepening its commitment to the region and promoting the exchange of knowledge, training and insights with local investors.

Sovereign Debt Investors Stress Emerging Markets Gap In New Climate Risk Metrics

Colchester is proud to be a part of the Ascor project which is expected to provide a framework of reporting and measurement that recognises the different development statuses and funding needs of governments. Ascor is expected to identify an initial set of metrics and indicators by the fourth quarter of this year, through its engagement with sovereigns.

Transition Risks and Opportunities for Sovereigns

It is widely acknowledged that climate transition is not only an environmental imperative, but also increasingly an economic one. As sovereign bond investors, we need to be cognisant of these risks and incorporate them into our investment analysis, recognising that climate-related risks are significant as are the costs to transition to a low-carbon, more sustainable future. Colchester Global Investors is pleased to highlight “Transition Costs and Risks for Sovereigns” to Funds Society.

Cian Citywire

Whistle-stop tour around the global bond markets, where are the best opportunities?

Cian O’Brien, Senior Investment Officer at Colchester Global Investors, explains where we see opportunities present themselves in the following Citywire Middle East article.


Colchester discusses its expansion in Latin America

Paul Allen, Head of Global Distribution for Colchester Global Investors, discussed with Citywire´s Fabian Tiscornia Colchester´s expansion in Latin America and the launch of the UCITS funds in BNY Mellon Pershing.

Rankia Pro

Fondos UCITS de Colchester disponibles a través de BNY Mellon Pershing

Las principales estrategias de Colchester Global Investors están ahora disponibles para los inversores US Offshore y latinoamericanos a través de BNY Mellon Pershing.


Colcheste’s UCITS funds available via BNY Mellon Pershing

Colchester Global Investors’ main strategies are now being offered on BNY Mellon Pershing´s platform, bringing our core UCITS funds to the Latin American and US Offshore Markets.

Compromiso ASG para los inversores de deuda soberana

Jean Lee, gestora de inversiones de Colchester Global Investors, habla del compromiso soberano ASG para Funds Society y describe la integración de la A, S, G con ejemplos prácticos.

ESG Sovereign Engagement

Jean Lee, Investment Officer at Colchester Global Investors, discusses ESG Sovereign Engagement for Funds Society and describes the integration of the E,S,G with practical examples.